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Birding & Wildlife Tours in the Indian and Sri Lanka

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Birding & Wildlife Holidays in India and Sri Lanka

Kalypso Adventures, the specialists in Nature Tours and Expeditions in India was founded in 2000 and have developed birding tours all over the Indian subcontinent, including the Andaman islands. This combined birdwatching and wildlife holidays are specially aimed at the birding enthusiast whose exacting standards we have always aimed to meet. Towards this endeavour, we now offer a wide choice of highly specialised birding and wildlife holidays in India. We aim to show you the most of the 1266 species of birds and scores of mammal species found on the Indian subcontinent. Our tours cover the entire Indian subcontinent from the Western Ghats, the North Eastern Himalayas, North India, the Himalayam foothills, NW India including Rajasthan and Gujarat and the Andaman Islands. The company is locally based at Kochi in Kerala and founded by former Naval officers passionate about nature and the quest for adventure in discovering India's precious natural bounty. Our tours are led by highly qualified field experts and the tours are fully focussed on birding and wildlife, with little time for side trips or sightseeing. So come and join us on this adventure through the length and breadth of this wonderful and colourful country.

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